Business Opportunity Search For Customers

Business opportunity always faces the challenge of finding customers. Customers are the foundation for every successful business. Without customers there just is no business, at least not a successful one. If no one is buying your product, you are not making any money. Making money is the goal of every business opportunity.

Affiliate home based business opportunities usually focus on finding other business builders to keep the business growing. Customers are important but generally not the focus of business building activities. It is not uncommon to have a very high ratio of business builders and a low ratio of customers.

At first it is encouraging to have lots of people who want to build an affiliate business with you. The problem with a high percentage of people wanting to build a business soon becomes apparent. Every business builder buys the products which generates some income but they also expect to make money. Everyone hopes to find that one, really good, marketer that will bring in a lot of business builders so they can make money.

The flaw is, when people don’t make money, they get disappointed and will jump to the next hot business opportunity and start the cycle all over again. Every time one of your business builders quits your income goes down. Those lucky enough to have a huge circle of influence among entrepreneurs may come into a business fully vested with a down line that has jumped with them from one opportunity to another. A huge bonus if you are the lucky recruiter and a huge disappointment for the business opportunity they left behind.

I have a friend who is one of those marketers that everyone dreams of. She has a huge down line and she is well respected by the business affiliates on her team. Several years ago we were chatting and she gave me this priceless tip: find your customers first and don’t worry about recruiting business builder until you have a customer base of at least 1000. I thanked her very much for the tip and continued trying to recruit business builders.

Sometimes you have to hear those little gems that can make you rich over and over again before it sinks in. The brilliance of those 4 money making words, ‘find your customers first’, is cloaked and often lost because it involves a lot of work. Most affiliate companies only expect you to find 3 to 5 people who want to build a business with you and they in turn have to find their own people interested in building a business. Most affiliate programs will pay a percentage on every purchase that your business builders make and they pay 3 – 7 levels deep.

In a perfect world everyone finds their 3 – 5 people to build a business and purchase product and they make some money. In the real world, only 5% or less of the people recruited as business builders will ever make any real money. Most will become frustrated and move on. If they came in with a pre-existing down line that moved into your organization the whole down line could disappear as they jump to try a new business opportunity.

Discussions about home based business opportunity eventually come back around to the topic of customers. Every business, without exception, needs customers. The more customers purchasing products, the more successful the business is. The best home based business opportunity will have great products that are consumable and create repeat orders every month.

Creating a foundation of 1000 customers like my friend suggested can seem an overwhelming task. Having a business plan and action steps to follow is essential to keep focus and to minimize frustration. Having realistic goals and expectations with a commitment to spend the next 2 to 3 years building your business will have you on the path to success.

Marketing online is similar to any other business. You need to get the word out that you have something to sell that will enhance the lives of your customers. There may be costs associated with your advertising campaign.

Working with a team can help to spread the costs around. You can focus on your strengths and benefit from the knowledge and experience of team mates. Most affiliate companies focus on recruiting business builders and have marketing information and material to help your efforts. Very few have material that is strictly geared to finding customers. It is up to you to adapt and implement customer focused marketing strategies.

There is at least one online company that will produce customers through corporate advertising and in turn sell you the rights to the customer commissions. Customers have no expectation of making money, they just want the product because they like it. This a stress free way of building a huge customer base. If the business builders that have joined with you in business believe in the power of customers, they will likely purchase customers as well. Everything counts!

Wrap your head around building your business with customers. Think of any business, small or large, and the single most important thing that defines success for that business is customers. People buying product because they like, or want it or need it. The biggest piece of your success plan has to revolve around ways to get customers to flock to you and your business opportunity.

Home Business Opportunity During a Recession

Home business opportunity flourishes during recessionary times. Faced with layoffs, downsizing and closures, affected employees look for alternate ways of earning income. Traditional jobs are few and far between and when a job opening is advertised, competition is fierce. Entrepreneurial spirit is kindled when options are scarce and people turn to the Internet and home business opportunity.

Starting a home business opportunity should not be taken lightly. Building a business requires dedication, consistency and time. Internet business is often taken for granted and people form fantasies about the possibilities. Unrealistic expectations are the biggest challenges that any new business builder will face.

In the real world, a small business start up cost is at least $100,000.00 not including the monthly costs of doing business. The average person just doesn’t have that kind of money and can not even hope to borrow that much to get started.

Starting a new business is a risky venture. Most business start ups will not make it past the first year and those that do will very likely fail before the second year is up. With those kinds of statistics facing new business owners it makes sense that they would do absolutely everything they can to be one of the few that survives the two year mark.

Home business opportunity online is one of the best options for a serious marketer with limited funds. Internet marketing is a fraction of the cost of traditional brick and mortar business. The reasonable start up costs does give a false sense of decreased value and, interestingly, instead of treating online business like a “real” business people tend to look at online business opportunity as a way to get rich quick.

Marketing and promotional material does tend to focus on the positive aspects of online business. The advances in technology definitely give everyone a level playing field and the ability to earn a nice income. Competition for customers naturally induces business owners to promote their opportunity in the best possible light to entice people to build a business or purchase a product from them instead of someone else.

Claims of instant riches or building a business without any effort are meant to appeal to an individual desire to get something for nothing. Who wouldn’t! Promotions are meant to entice and seduce you into believing that you can have it all and someone else will do the work. Common sense evaporates because we want to believe in the possibilities. It sounds so easy and simple when you fall for the hype, pomp and circumstance of online promotions.

In reality that just does not happen. The Internet is most definitely the best chance for the average person to make some good money. Bring common sense back to the forefront and look at every business as if you were going to have to pay $100,000.00 in start up costs before you make the decision to become involved.

Get serious, stay serious and be serious about your online home business opportunity. Do your due diligence to find out everything you can about the company, product or service that caught your eye. Outlandish claims don’t necessarily mean it isn’t a great business but it does mean that you will need to look at it very closely with a business mind set.

Base your decision on facts, not fiction. Once you have decided that you have found the right company with the right product and the right people, give it everything you have got. Commit to business building activities for at least 2 years and probably more. If there is something that prevents from making a long term commitment, you may just as well walk away.

You will never achieve the success you want from any business with a 3-6 month commitment. Think like a real business owner who paid heavily for the privilege of starting a business. Develop a two to three year business plan then do everything in your power to do in order to make your business successful. Bottom line, it takes time to build a home business opportunity.

Small Business Accounting Software – How to Buy

Small business accounting software / Small business bookkeeping software — How to buy.

There are lot of small business accounting / bookkeeping softwares out there. If you are a small business owner looking for a good software, you are bound to get overwhelmed by the endless list pretty quickly. Which one to buy? What features do they come with? Should I get all the features or just the ones I need? The questions go on and on without answer. If this is what is happening to you, don’t despair. There is hope. Read on. By the time you are done reading this short post you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to make an informed buying decision. First some questions about you.

  1. How big is your business?
  2. Small business as defined by Small Business Administration is any business that is privately owned and employs less than 100 employees. Good enough. If we analyze this definition a bit closely we will quickly see that 100 employees is a big number. Assuming that you are paying $3000/month to each employee you are paying out $300,000/month as salary. If you own a business this big chances are you will not be looking for an accounting / bookkeeping software via internet. Sales agents from software companies will be waiting at your door to sell their software to you. Going by the fact that you are searching for a small business software on the internet you probably own a much smaller business. How much smaller? I think you own a business that has less than 5 employees. Most probably even less. Just one employee. Yourself.

  3. What are you selling?
  4. Are you selling a material product? or just services? Do you make the product or just buy it pre-made? Do you have a real store or you are selling via your web site? How do you find your customers?

  5. How much is your data volume?
  6. If you have a thriving business then you will have good data volume. How much it it? How many orders per month? How many new customers per month? How do store the data? How much data? What is expected growth rate of the data

  7. Do you have a web site?
  8. Nearly all businesses, big or small have web sites these days. Do you have one? If not your should get one. Would you like your software to integrate seamlessly with your web site? Would you like to be able to access your small business accounting / bookkeeping software via the internet?


Your choice of small business accounting / bookkeeping software will depend upon the answers to above questions. Assuming that you have one person company you want something that is easy to use, some that can be accessed remotely form anywhere and it can grow with your company. Right? … Right!

OK, one more thing that we did not discuss. Underlying technology. Even though it may not be visible, it is very important to know what kind of technology your small business software is using. After all it is the bed rock on which the software is built. Things may get a little complicated here but I will try to make them as simple as I can.

Every small business accounting / bookkeeping software essentially does one thing. It store data. Data is information about your business. Customer names, addresses, products, orders, invoices … all are examples of data. So for a small business software to work efficiently it should be able to store data efficiently. Not only that, it should also be able to modify and retrieve data efficiently when you need it. After all what is the use of a black box software that cannot provide you the data when you need it. You still with me? Good.

There are two ways to store data.

  • Flat file
  • Relational

Flat file method uses flat text files, much like notepad files, to store data. It is old and archaic.

The reason: it cannot hold any relationships among data entities. e.g. you want to store customers name and their invoices. You know that one customer can have many invoices. So to store customers and their invoices you will have to repeat customer name each time you store an invoice. Just like below.

customer1 — invoice1

customer1 — invoice2

Problem with this approach is that you have to repeat the customer name every time you want to store an invoice. This is not efficient.

Relational method uses relationships to store data. It is more efficient. Look at the same example that uses relational method. It uses customer name only once.


– invoice1

– invoice2

Elegant isn’t it? You bet. It is much cleaner, more efficient and easier to read. If you are still with me we are almost done. The whole point of the above song and dance was to show you that relational storage method is superior to flat file storage method. It should be an important factor to consider when you buy your small business computer software. Now, there are five major small business accounting / bookkeeping software.

Quickbooks from Intuit , Simply Accounting, Peachtree (again from Intuit), Sage and Microsoft Small Business Accounting Software. Agreed?

Now the bombshell. None of these small business software use relational storage method! Can you imagine? Wait there is more. All these are propriety software written by the big companies who use large scale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that runs on unix (not windows or mac) and uses relational database (relational storage method) to run their own businesses. Did you get what I just said. Let me rephrase. All these so called best small business software companies DO NOT USE THEIR OWN SOFTWARE. They use relational storage software, but they sell you non relational storage software in the name of small business software. The reason? Relation storage method is very expensive. Well not any more!